Pretty Little Blog

First post on the new blog – Woop!

So as an introduction I thought I would post some pretty little peculiar things from around the world that I love..

I LOVE Henry Holland tights – the Manchester born designer, is without a doubt one of the coolest man in fashion.  Tights are a great to inject personality and character into plainer outfits, whether worn under a pair of denim shorts or with a dress and wicked heels.

Etsy is the “world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace”  Perfect for that cute, unique find and you get to support small, independent businesses. Yey!




Pinterest – whether it is a fad or here to stay, I can’t get enough of it.  An amazing source of inspiration but be warned you may lose hours of your life there… Have a look at my Pinterest boards here.




LOVE this site – founded by Zooey Deschenel, Sophia Rossi and Molly Mcaleer it is just an all round great lifestyle blog.




The Skull Illusion is an online repository of post mortem photography and morbid curiosity.  Creepy, beautiful and peculiar.




Love Sam xx

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