Vulva Love Lovely

I came across these Vulva necklaces by Vulva Love Lovely.  Made to celebrate your own beauty, they are original sculpted vulvas made from photographs of your own vulva…

Ill be honest, I had a little snigger.  Then I read about why the artist makes them, how she felt about her own sexuality and genitals, and that she is fighting against the image of porn.  “Porn Vulvas are like Ligers, they do not exist in the natural world.”  That the image of a waxed, bleached or surgically altered vagina is not the norm and it made me look at them slightly differently.

It’s still not for me, I don’t really want to wear my fanny round my neck, but if it makes people feel a bit better then who is to judge?

Love Sam xx

5 thoughts on “Vulva Love Lovely

  1. Strangely I would quite like one of these, perhaps not to wear but I would hang it by my bed. However, I am not sure how I would feel about sending a photo of my vulva to someone!

  2. Erm…lovely?

    They’re beautifully done from a craft aesthetic, but I’m not keen on them as jewellery. Not because it’s vulvas, simply cos I don’t see the need to bare one’s fouf at the world. I wouldn’t show my asshole, so why waft my fanny around?!

  3. I flipping well replied to this earlier! Was just saying that although I think they’re beautiful from an aesthetic craft point of view, I can’t for the life of me imagine wearing it as jewellery. Whilst I totally agree with the concept behind it, I wouldn’t wear my asshole round my neck so why hang my fanny there?!

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