Sheffield Bloggers Meet Up

One of my best friends is a blogger and her advice and support is invaluable (it helps that she is the Blog Whisperer!!) but she lives 100 miles away. We often email and call each other with useful links, hints, tips, moral support and lots more.

I attended a blogging workshop with Rock n Roll Bride this year and one of the best parts of it were the real life connections I made with other bloggers.


This all got me thinking that I would LOVE to attend a regular meet up with other bloggers in my area, so Im thinking of starting my own…. Nothing too formal or scary, just a group of bloggers meeting up once a month in a cafe with wireless and our laptops for chatting, advice and support. I know that I can bore my non blogging friends and family rigid with my mutterings about wordpress, social media and stats but I love hearing about other bloggers experiences.

Interested?? Email me at if you are and Ill start thinking of dates and venues.

Love Sam xx

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