Camp Cardboard

I work with arts collaboration Responsible Fishing and have been lucky enough to be part of their awesome project Camp Cardboard.

The project goes into schools and work with children building a huge cardboard den/city/castle.  We take a van load of cardboard boxes and tubes and help kids to use and explore their imaginations and creativity.

We have worked in schools all over Sheffield and have had such an awesome response from children, parents and teachers.  It’s all about the scale of the project.  Kids might have played with small boxes at home, or even made a den from a big washing machine box but very few will have had the chance to build an enormous cardboard city!

A couple of weeks ago we took Camp Cardboard to Bradfield Dungworth School and they have produced this fantastic blog along with a stop frame video of the day, take a look here.

The team also took over the Winter Gardens in Sheffield to build a camp with the kids as part of Sheffield Children’s Festival along with a display of photographs we have taken throughout our visits to schools.

To find out more about Camp Cardboard and Responsible Fishing take a look at their website, Facebook and twitter.

Love Samxx

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