Sheffield Bloggers Meet Up – the first ‘un and about the next ‘un…

So yesterday was the first first Sheffield Bloggers Meet up.  To be honest, I had been shitting myself.  Why, oh why did I put myself out there for this? What if no one turned up? What if it was awful??

But I do believe in it, I think it is good to try and get Sheffield Bloggers together to talk, network, discuss ideas and help each other out.  I have had LOADS of positive feedback about the idea but many people said they couldn’t do day times.

I decided on a daytime as I thought it would be less intimidating for people to pop along to a day time event rather than go along to a pub for what would feel more like a social event.  But the bloggers have spoken and I think I was wrong and an evening would be better for most people.

Annnnyway I turned up at the Great Gatsby yesterday, knocking on the door a few minutes before it opened.  I assured the bar staff I wasnt a raging alcoholic but there for a meeting.  Keri from Little Miss Hungry was the first to arrive, we eyed each other quietly before figuring out we were there for the same reason.  Then came Corinne from Motherhood Journies with her two youngest boys (super cute kids!!)

So the first meeting was just the three of us with the odd word from Timm who had come along for moral support and a bit of hair chatter with Nikki from Kojo and Lee.  Small but really nice!

We talked blogging, (obvz) stats, inspiration, recommendations, cliques, Sheffield, kids, work, life and lots more.  It was a lovely relaxed meet up and though the numbers were only small I am definitely up for doing more…

Soooooo the next meet up is going to be on Tuesday 14th August at 7pm at The Great Gatsby on Division Street, Sheffield.

Please let  any other Sheffield Bloggers know about it and if you have any questions then get in touch xx

Email me at

Facebook –

Twitter – @prettylpeculiar

Love Sam xx

9 thoughts on “Sheffield Bloggers Meet Up – the first ‘un and about the next ‘un…

  1. Was lovely to meet up with some other bloggers (and Timm!) and chat, thanks again for organising it. Hopefully see you at the next one 🙂

    (Thanks for posting the link, too)

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  3. I’d like to pop along to the next one if I’m around, even though I haven’t blogged for a while! It might inspire me to start again 🙂 I am tempted to follow your lead with the Around The World in 80s Words blog idea though, I love that! xx

  4. I don’t know whether Sam will be holding any more events, but if you’re a Sheffield Tweeter (as most Sheffield bloggers seem to be) then you should come along to @ShfTAR on 16th October Howling Fantogs!!

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