Do you dare to go bare?

I keep seeing articles about “brave” celebrities being seen out and about without any make up on.  Is this what being brave means as a woman? Is it vanity or just what is expected of celebs these days?

I know a lot of women who would not dream of leaving the house without makeup, they feel their slap gives them confidence and makes them feel better about themselves.  Now whilst there is nothing wrong with wearing make up to boost your confidence, I do worry that if make up is linked entirely with your self esteem then perhaps it’s not that healthy.

I do wear make up when Im going on a night out, I generally don’t wear much day to day – but I rarely leave the house without mascara, if my lashes are done then I feel ready.

A friend will even wear lippy and mascara when she goes to the gym or out running… though I do laugh, I get that its her safety blanket.

This photo shows me straight from the shower, when I look at it I see dark circles under my eyes and I feel my eyes lack definition.  But I also feel I look like myself – Im a 31 year old mother of three, I see reasonably clear skin, a nice mouth and a twinkle in my eye.  Sadly I do feel a little uncomfortable putting up a photograph of me not looking my best but I thought I’d dare to bare and honestly describe how I feel I look.

A recent survey found two-thirds of women feel that facing the world without make-up is more stressful than a job interview.  This also included waxing, plucking, shaving and general primping.  I do find it sad that so many women feel that showing their natural self can be so stressful.

One of my all time favourite people, Zooey Deschanel was recently featured in People Magazine with no make up, rightly or wrongly, it made me like her more.  She seemed more approachable, more girl next door and more like a ‘real’ person.

So do you dare to go bare?  Or is your slap your confidence boost??  Does anyone feel brave enough to send me their bare photos to put up on the blog??

5 thoughts on “Do you dare to go bare?

  1. Hi Sam. I think you look great. I took a picture of me barefaced on my 47th birthday and interestingly J said that when he saw that he really liked it. I wrote underneath it something about this being what a 47 year old woman really looks like. I do think I look a bit crap in it but only because there is huge pressure for women to look amazing, even when they’re nearer 50 than 40!

  2. Sam, I prefer the bare look! Time saved not putting my slap on in a morning equals more sleep. Although I don’t feel I look great when doing the school run, I do try and look my best when going out socialising. 🙂 xx

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