Beautiful art work by PopcaPopca

Ohhh I am swooning at these amazing hand painted works of art by PopcaPopca.








How beautiful are they?? And the best thing, they are $10…. yes, $10!!!

“Mixed media of my ORIGINAL ARTWORK in real acrylic HAND PAINTING and ink print. It’s on an authentic antique paper from Vintage Dictionary. Every creation is unique, you will receive the similar image but not identical since it involves HAND PAINTING in acrylic on a different page of the antique paper including the beauty signs through time. Every artwork is hand signed and dated on back.”

Go visit PopcaPopca on etsy and take a look at the other amazing pictures immediately.

But wait a little so I can go buy all the ones I want first, ok?



3 thoughts on “Beautiful art work by PopcaPopca

  1. I got my print! I went for the stag with roses AND they sent me a free extra print. Fab company, really fast delivery and super friendly! 🙂

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