The Cooling Towers – Steve Faulkner

And so it begins… The Cooling Towers; a series of short interviews with exceptionally interesting Sheffield folk. I love Sheffield and I think we grow the best people in the world, so I have developed a series showcasing some of our most awesome people from artists to magicians, musicians to charity workers and so much more. Not necessarily the most famous, but in my opinion the most pretty little peculiar characters in Sheffield, tha knows…




The first interview is with Sheffield magician Steve Faulkner. I first met Steve at a birthday party where he blew me away by making my wedding ring disappear and turn up in his wallet on a keyring. We then met at an aftershow party for the Arctic Monkeys where he was equally as amazing. You can see the video he did with them below, look for my surprised face at 0.52….


Name, age, gender

Steve Faulkner, 39, Male

What do you do?

Magician and speaker


How has living in Sheffield and Yorkshire affected your life and attitude?

Living here has improved my life by providing me with all I need without the need to travel extensively (except for work). The mix of people, culture and countryside give me peace, space and inspiration whenever I need it. These things are essential to my happiness and personal/ artistic development and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Emotional, obsessive, driven, affectionate and excited.



Tell me something peculiar about yourself.

I still have a childhood habit of sniffing my pillow in bed. I’m 39



What are your future aims?

Constantly improving as a magician. Developing my talks to help people achieve more than they think they can. Making sure I never settle for mediocrity, convincing others that they don’t have to either.



If there were a zombie apocalypse, what would your survival plan be?

Steal my mother in laws camper and live as a recluse with just my family as company and my magic books. Life would change very little.

What is your favorite thing about Sheffield?

The fact that’s it’s a small town disguised as a big city.

For more information about Steve or to book him for your event, take a peep at his website and get in touch. He is a genuinely lovely chap and didn’t even mock me when I told him I was 15 before I realised magic wasn’t real…


All photographs by Timm Cleasby Photography, to see more of his pretty photographs head over to


Love Samxx

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