Leeds Festival – Me rub you long time…

So once a year I trot off up the M1 to Bramham Park in Leeds and for three days I massage rock stars at Leeds Festival

Yup, its a totally weird thing but this is my fifth year of ridiculousness – I am a trained masseuse, worry not – Im not just abusing them…

I turn up with my lovely friend Violet Fenn and we go to a big lovely marquee tent that is set up for us in the middle of the dressing rooms behind the main stage.  Over the weekend I massage performers and guests, give out eyeliner to the rock boys and generally be mums to the bands.  We end up with a lot of bands coming to hang out, read magazines and chat.  Oh, and get lollies… No matter how famous they are, they ALL want a lolly.

Its three days of surreal, bizarre and giggly fun.  We never know who most of the bands are and are likely to be found sat chatting with boys nonchalantly as we have no idea what band they are in.  I think this is why we go down so well as we are two mums types who are more likely to lick a tissue and wipe their face than scream for them to sign our tits.

The massage tent


The lovely Violet beckons in boys in bands…

Dizzee loved his massage

Me and Jarvis

Me… and Kyle… we’re Tenacious D

I was a little bit giddy about meeting Pete Docherty – I don’t think you can tell.

Bullet for my Valentine

So this is the line up for the main stage the year, genuinely don’t know who half of them are <insert embarrassed face>

So Ill blog when I get back next week, but till then will try and keep posting instagrams and tweeting – search for me on Instagram – Im samcleasby 🙂

Now, I reeeeaaally should start packing!!!

Love Samxx



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