Skateboard Shelves


My almost 12 year old son needed some new shelves in his room and I had a couple of old skateboards so I thought I give this project a go…


What you need…

Skateboards – you can buy new cheap ones but these are two old skateboards we have had and used for years, it makes the whole project cheaper and more eco friendly.

Wall Brackets – these ones are from Ikea and were 50p each.

Hammer, drill, screwdriver (I used the electric one for ease), spirit level, hammer, pencil, screws, rawlplugs.

Sandpaper – if using old skateboards.


First I peeled off the black grip, then sanded all the rough edges of the boards, then cleaned them down.

You could paint the boards, but I liked the rough and ready look to them (and Im a bit lazy) so I left them as they were.

Putting up the brackets…

So we measured up where the shelves were going and marked, using the spirit level, where to make the holes.  We drilled the holes and knocked in the rawlplugs.  Then screw the brackets into place.

Putting the board up…

Put the board onto the brackets and fix in place with 4 small screws.


Repeat the process for as many shelves as you are having…

We did two.


I added a clip on light to one shelf and then used them for files and to display his favourite things.  The wheels act as hooks to hang things on.

All done…

All finished.  The perfect shelves for an almost teenage boy.

Thanks you to Corinne from Motherhood Journeys who I stole this idea from inspired me to give these skateboard shelves a go after she had built some for her son.

Love Sam xx

2 thoughts on “Skateboard Shelves

  1. These are genius! I wish I’d known about them a couple of years ago. Unfortunately TheTeenager is leaving for university in a couple of weeks and they don’t quite fit the scheme I have in mind for the refurb of his room into a guest room. Not sure my mum would appreciate them!

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