Leaving on a jet plane… Emigrating to Australia

So Im crying hot sad/happy tears writing this.  My sister is emigrating.  To Australia.  Like literally the furthest place away from me ever.

My eldest sister, Lisa is 10 years older than me.  When I was little if I had a nightmare I would crawl into her bed to feel safe, when I got older and was hitting out against authority, it was her who I turned to, who took me in and made me see the light.  Don’t get me wrong, we are normal sisters and have over the years fallen out and had our arguments but she has been a constant in my life and man, I love her so much.

A few years ago she moved with her husband and daughter just down the road from me.  Our kids started school together and we started to see each other a lot more.  She was suddenly more than just my big sister, but a real friend.

Her daughter Grace means so much to me, my daughter and her are the best of friends and adore one another.  If Grace isn’t at my house then Ellie is at hers.  The thought of not seeing them every day makes me stomach sink.  Her husband Andy isn’t just an in law, he is my brother and Ill miss his rubbish cockney rhyming slang, his cheery face and even him winding me up about, well, everything.

I am so happy for them, Lisa has spoken about living in Australia for years and now she has this amazing opportunity through work to move to Sydney.  How awesome is that?  You are only on this planet once, and for such a short time.  You have to grab every opportunity with both hands and go with it.  I will miss the three of them more than I have the words to express.  Whenever I think of them not being within walking distance, tears well up.  But I know they are making the complete right decision for their family and Im super proud that they are going for it!

I think it takes a lot of bravery and courage to move away from family and friends and take that step into the unknown.  Im so proud of them for taking the leap.

I told my kids that they are leaving.  The boys are excited.  Ellie is devastated.  Its a lot for a little girl to deal with, she calls them her other mum and dad and their daughter, her sister.  She cried a lot, but then we started talking about how exciting it is, how we can visit them, how they can speak on Skype all the time and how they can write and email each other whenever she wants.  I also told her that when she is an older teenager she can go and see them on her own.

Talking with the kids has really helped me to deal with it, I had to hold myself together to talk through the exciting things about the move and now I feel giddy too.

So Lisa, my sister, my friend, my guide, my teacher.  I feel part of my heart will leave with you but Im so happy for you and proud of you.  I love you sis, have a blast and for Gods sake, don’t get an Australian accent you flaming gallahhhh!!!!!

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