Wine Handbag

A few years ago I woman I worked with told me that when she was skint and going out with her friends to a pub or bar, she would wrap a box of wine in birthday wrapping paper so it looked like a present and leave a hole for the tap.

The group would then all buy one glass of wine each and then surreptitiously refill their glass from the “birthday present” all night, cutting down their boozing costs.

GENIUS! I thought…. then today I came across something that surpasses the ingenuity of my work colleague.

Combining two of my favourite things – The Wine Handbag!


Created by Vernissage, these wine boxes are created to look like a handbag.  Apparently “the thought behind Vernissage is a playful approach for the curious and modern wine consumer” – though I can only assume its for ladies who want to drink cheaply on a night out.




Either way I LOVE it, best wine/handbag based product I have seen all year…



Love Samxx


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