Why you need to love Scroobius Pip…

I need to share the love for the ridiculously awesome Scroobius Pip…

I first came across Mr Pip in 2008, my sister called to ask me to come see some hip hop band as her friend had dropped out at the last minute.  I was a full and true indie kid and couldn’t think of anything worse, but she nagged me to go and Im so glad she did.  Ohhh my eyes were opened as Scroobius Pip walked up to a lectern and proceeded to educate me in the ways of hip hop for the next hour.  I danced my arse off for the whole set and left with a sore throat.

This is the song that got me hooked…

Since then, Ive seen him a few times and never been disappointed.  You can’t help but love a fella who sells his own merch can you?

You need to go buy Angles and The Logic of Chance by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip right now, go on, shoo, click the links… And noooo don’t steal it, illegal downloading is bad mmmkay?

Buy angles on iTunes now

Buy The Logic of Chance on iTunes now

Now everyone know I love a good beard, and man does he have an awesome beard.  My motto in life is never to trust a man with less than 70 of his head and face covered in hair.

Imagine my dismay when he cut the beard off in the video for the first release from solo project Distraction Pieces, Introdiction.

“Always hoping maybe the next leap will be my leap home.
Ziggy says that if I keep writing this shit
There’s an eighty percent chance that Al can make it a pop hit.”

I love the Quantum Leap reference.  Take a look…

Go buy Distraction Pieces now

At Latitude this year, Scroob took to the Poetry arena for a headline set of spoken word poetry.  With friends, I went along and fought our way through the packed crowd with our 10 and 11 year old boys.  Now thanks to Pip my boy wants to write, he was inspired to write poetry, how beautiful is that?

I met the lovely fella at Latitude.

And again at Leeds (I swear Im not a stalker)

Other reasons to love Scroobius Pip.  He plays Hip Hop Guess who…

For more information go take a look round http://scroobiuspip.co.uk subscribe to his youtube channel or follow him on twitter

Love Sam xx

2 thoughts on “Why you need to love Scroobius Pip…

  1. Oh my! Thanks so much for introducing me – I’ve just spent aaaages on his YouTube channel, love it all. Can’t wait to get home from Day Job and buy up a storm on iTunes – thanks again 🙂

  2. I don’t know many many times I’ve listened to the title track from Angles, but it still sends shivers down my spine. Probably the most powerful lyrics I’ve ever heard.

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