Bad Tattoos

A tattoo is for life, not just for christmas. Perhaps these folk should have thought these horrendous tattoos out a little harder before committing ink to skin.

Some crap, some awesome and some just plain weird…



Not sure what would be worse, is this a terrible tattoo or do the kids actually look like this?

Im thinking she may regret this in later life…


Where’s Wally? Ohhh there he is behind your nipple!!!


Best bad tattoo ever.


Ice ice baby…


This isn’t bad.  This is awesome.


If I were an old man, this is totally the tattoo Id go for!




This girl loves meat.  Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable.


Daddys Lil Alien


Wizard of omg




This is AMAZING… I want an Elf tattoo NOW!


So you lose a toe.  You may as well make the most of it by having a funny tattoo to show for it!




Dude, I love that movie Twilight!  Especially Edward… Now who plays him again? Is it John Travolta??!


Unfortunate excess hair? Make the most of it by turning it into a toy off of the 90’s

Amputee tattoo + amazing…

Unicorn banging a dolphin.  Obvz…


Photos from around the web, if any belong to you, let me know and I can credit you.


Love Sam xx



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