Fat and Proud…

I discovered something this week.  Im plus size, yup Im fat… No I haven’t suddenly gained a load of weight, I just realised that it is how other people see me.

I was a skinny kid, my grandfather used to call me a skeleton with a fringe.  I was a skinny teenager, I used to be a size 6 – 8, then at 19 I had my first child and went from a 6 to a 16, it hit me hard, along with a good dose of post natal depression.  But I threw myself into being a mum and put my weight out of my mind, after all I had a loving partner and a gorgeous baby son.  Two years later I had my daughter and two years after that I had my third child, our youngest son.  Each time I got pregnant I gained a little more and a little more.

Fast forward 7 years and I have never got back to my pre child weight, sometimes this bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t.  I have tried every diet going and can lose the weight but then it all creeps back on and to be honest I love food too much to be on a diet for the rest of my life.  Im currently a size 16/18 with a BMI that tells me Im overweight (no shit, Sherlock!)

Whatever weight I am and whether it’s annoying me or not I have always had the love and support of the husband, he says that men like women, and if a woman is willing to let them touch their boobs, they don’t care what size or shape they are!  He always tells me that he fancies me and that he couldn’t care less what size I am (though after watching those half ton human programmes, he did say he would draw the line at removing the side of our house to get me out…)

Anyway throughout my long and varied diet history, I have always had this kind of backwards anorexia thing going on.  When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a fat bird, I see me.  I probably see myself smaller than I actually am.  I was raised by my mum with two older sisters and we are all confident and sassy women – we don’t take shit from anyone and we aren’t afraid to say that we are strong and beautiful women.  Im sorry if this sounds big headed because it really isn’t meant to but I wasn’t raised to be a shy wallflower, I was raised to be proud of what Ive got!  I used to say “I may be fat, but Im fucking pretty!”

So this week I saw on Facebook some male friends talking about an x-factor contestant, specifically about her weight.  It was fairly nasty but juvenile and silly comments.  I commented “you horrid boys!” and received immediate apologetic replies from them all.  And then it hit me.

They weren’t apologising because I was a woman who was offended (other people had commented before me saying similar things to me with no apology), they were apologising because they saw me as a fat woman who they had offended.

Wow.  I suddenly realised how others saw me.  Im a fat woman.  A plus size woman.

There is nothing at all wrong with that but I had never seen myself as that before, silly as that may sound as I have been a similar weight for years!  I know I am overweight, and I always make the fat joke before anyone else can.  But in that split second I saw myself as other people see me.

Now as I said Im no wallflower and I replied that they were only apologising because “you know this fat girl could kick your arses. All of you at the same time. I’m like the hulk. I throw you motherfuckers all over the place…”  And actually I think they were apologising because Im a friend and they didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but a fat friend.

So yes, that’s it… Im coming out of the closet.  Do I get a cheer? What about a chant? Id love a chant “Im fat, I like cats, get used to it!” – sorry, that is a TERRIBLE chant!

This is what a size 16 looks like…

It actually feels quite liberating you know, I realise that however people see me doesn’t change who I am.  I would like to shift a few pounds but only because I want to be fit, I don’t want to end up with weight related illnesses.  But I have wasted 7 years dieting and Im not going to spend the next 7 years dieting too… I like me, I like how I look (most of the time! Timm you are not allowed to use this post against me next time I have tried on everything I own before were going out!!!) so HOORAY for the fat girls… because we make the rockin’ world go round.

So boys, listen up.  We have tits and hips and curvy, wobbly bits, true.  But don’t try and make us ashamed or sad.  Celebrate that we are all different and know that women are awesome whatever size we are…

Love Sam xx

48 thoughts on “Fat and Proud…

  1. Ahhhhh, no no no!! The boys weren’t apologising because they think you’re fat!! At all, at all! They were apologising because they see you as a mother figure… just like when they’re on tour and Timm is dad…

    The comment you wrote told them all off, and they reacted like school kids… Sorry mum!

    Naughty little boys, 100% definitely nothing other than that xxx

    • Aww do you know what Kirstin, they are all lovely boys and it really isn’t just them. They just sparked the thought process for this blog! Anyway I don’t wanna be mum figure, saucy aunt maybe?!! 😛

  2. Saucy aunt in a nun’s outfit? You KNOW that’s what they’re thinking… ;P

    Fucking awesome post. You rock, lady. But I have one complaint – you covered up your arse!

    😉 xxxxx

    • Fenn I did cover my arse!! I wasn’t going to but when I first did it, it was for blipfoto and it was removed for breachin their decency rules! Hahaha!! Didn’t want any problems like that with it xxx

  3. Sam, what a refreshing read. And what a beautiful person you are. Physically and spiritually. I love your snow-bum photo! X

  4. I hear ya! I happily see myself as fat – because – you know what? I am. (a lot fatter than you btw – but not at the ‘remove side of the house’ stage yet…).

    Great post – and yes – this is what we are – world – deal with it. Or we may sit on you…

  5. Another fattie here. I’m much bigger than you but I still manage the school run, dog walks and running around after 4 kids.I came to terms with my body a few years ago now but like you think of myself very differently to how other people see me.
    BTW, quite a few weight related diseases can be countered by keeping active and eating healthily. Have a look at a book called ‘Health At Every Size’ if you are interested.
    Good on you for being proud of yourself, there is no reason that people should be judged for their body size, any more than they should be for the colour of their skin, or their sexual orientation.

  6. Awesome blog post. I’m the size 12/14 curvy one with an overweight BMI… who often goes to a 16 and back down again, in a hobby that surrounds me with size 8/10’s and requires wearing knickers and vests.
    I may be the biggest out of them all, but I love my weight. Without it I wouldnt have my boobs!
    I find that super skinny girls hate their bodies just as much.
    And men don’t actually care!
    (I too found you though the lovely Ms Fenn)

  7. Fantastic article. I have had body image issues, off and on, since the word go and it’s no fun and definitely not sexy! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was an avid consumer of fashion magazines like Vogue. Btw, you look amazing! xxx

  8. Hurrraahhh!! I love Love LOVE this article. Actually almost made me cry. I have three kids too and am at peace with never being a size 10 again – the last one stretched my hip bones out a generous size 12/14 so even with zero body fat i still wouldnt be slinky snake hips. Now! If you could just get yourself into our schools and give the girls a big dose of your sassiness that would be grand!

    • Thanks Michelle! One of the main reasons I need to start to love my body is because I have 9 year old daughter, I don’t want her growing up thinking its ok to say you hate your body. She is a beautiful, healthy little girl right now and I want to do everything I can to ensure she grows up with a healthy body image and some kick arse confidence!! xxx

      • Yes! My thoughts exactly, of our three kids two are girls. I suppose really, the fact that our youngest daughter (middle child) has Down’s really pushed me to almost drum it into my kids that they are perfect and beautiful. I mean I havent banned barbie dolls or anything but I try and teach them that everyone is individually beautiful!

  9. I love this sam it made me laugh so much I’m fat and I like cats!!! Iv got one I’m fat and I’m scared of cats!!! Ha ha ha we might be fat (me more than u) but we do have great porn faces (ish)!! Love u xxxxx

  10. Brilliant post, Sam. I’m also fat and proud, with enormous boobs that my husband adores. I make the most of what I’ve got and don’t really care now that I’ll never be a skull on a stick again. You go, girlie. 😀

  11. Hello,

    First time reader of your blog after I saw someone retweet the link.


    You’re not fat! You look bloody amazing though….

    And shame on those silly “boys”


  12. “we don’t take shit from anyone and we aren’t afraid to say that we are strong and beautiful women.”

    This doesn’t make you sound big headed, it makes you sound how all women should. Brava, this post is beautiful.

  13. Hey Sam, you are undeniably a gorgeous and sexy woman. I wish I had your body confidence, it’s not about size it’s about being happy in your own skin and you positively glow in yours! You write a very powerful blog girlie,every woman should read it whatever their size. Stay beautiful!

  14. Wow, thanks for this post! It’s the first I’ve ever read your blog, I found you through the curvy fashionista 🙂 I think your body is amazing, and definitely worth being proud about. I hope I look as amazing as you after I eventually have two more ^_^ Thank you for who you are!

  15. I just gotta say this…I feel like we are one and the same. Nice pair you got on ya!!! Thank you for saying my words OUT LOUD

  16. ” A” your not fat. Fat is cells found in adipose tissue, children make up these words its usually on the play grounds “B” being a child and not knowing what beauty really is takes time as we grow wiser. some people do not grow mentally like other. the defination of these folks are miNdless fools who no not a thing about beauty. yOUR PEFECT..

  17. I like big butts and i cannot lie…………………..well I have a big belly and I cannot lie and also big boobs but hell my fella likes something he can get hold of! WE can all think back to when we were young and skinny but even then I wasn’t confident about my body. I convince myself that I don’t care and that I like to be different!! I have seen you rock knee high socks and look awesome in shit covered overalls its about the bad ass rather than big ass!! Love you x x

  18. Reblogged this on Digital Diva Lap-Band Blog and commented:
    This was featured in my stalkbook newsfeed today and I just had to share. I’ve been harsh on myself at times but generally speaking I agree with this sentiment: “When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a fat bird, I see me. I probably see myself smaller than I actually am” and this one, “I may be fat, but I’m fucking pretty!”
    Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes I wish I hated myself as much as society says I should. But I don’t. There’s always been things I wanted to change (I mean, I wouldn’t have spent $16K on a Slimband if I didn’t!) but it’s not a result of self loathing. It was always about control for me and my total lack thereof. But I digress, this post is not entirely about me, it is to remind us all to celebrate the fat girls because even though “we have tits and hips and curvy, wobbly bits” you know you effing love us just the same!

  19. Hmmm…telling a self-professed, fat-accepting fat person that she isn’t fat…I think it misses the point! You can be fat and fabulous and lovely all at the same time! Sam happens to have the classical hourglass shape and gravity-resistant boobs, but even without those–even with droopy boobs, deep stretch marks, loose weight-loss skin, pear shape, apple shape, cellulite, etc.–you and your body can STILL be loved by yourself and by others!

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  21. Firstly that snow photo? Wowsers.
    Secondly despite what the marketing people may want you to think thin doesn’t guarantee sexy. Curvy pretty much does though.
    Thirdly if you do want to lose some weight forget diets, eat a reasonably balanced diet and introduce some exercise to your life. Any exercise, whatever you enjoy, dancing/running/walking/swimming. Do it a 2-3 times a week and you’re sorted.

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  23. Pingback: This is what size …. looks like – real women needed! | Pretty Little Peculiar

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