Halloween Costumes 2012

Some of the best Halloween Costume ideas for 2012…

This Beetlejuice costume is AMAZING.

Weeping Angel Costume

Pregnant Halloween Costume

Angry Birds Costume

GENIUS!  My favourite news story of the year, turned into a halloween costume.

Im thinking there will be  A LOT of Psy – Gangnam Style costumes about this year.

This is the reason to have children…

You can’t go wrong with a bit of Day of the Dead make up

These parents deserve a medal.

His and Hers lego costumes

Comic book Costume

Army men costume

Totally adorable Up Costume

Love Sam xx


Bad Tattoos

A tattoo is for life, not just for christmas. Perhaps these folk should have thought these horrendous tattoos out a little harder before committing ink to skin.

Some crap, some awesome and some just plain weird…



Not sure what would be worse, is this a terrible tattoo or do the kids actually look like this?

Im thinking she may regret this in later life…


Where’s Wally? Ohhh there he is behind your nipple!!!


Best bad tattoo ever.


Ice ice baby…


This isn’t bad.  This is awesome.


If I were an old man, this is totally the tattoo Id go for!




This girl loves meat.  Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable.


Daddys Lil Alien


Wizard of omg




This is AMAZING… I want an Elf tattoo NOW!


So you lose a toe.  You may as well make the most of it by having a funny tattoo to show for it!




Dude, I love that movie Twilight!  Especially Edward… Now who plays him again? Is it John Travolta??!


Unfortunate excess hair? Make the most of it by turning it into a toy off of the 90’s

Amputee tattoo + amazing…

Unicorn banging a dolphin.  Obvz…


Photos from around the web, if any belong to you, let me know and I can credit you.


Love Sam xx



When companies get it so right… Strada, Sheffield

What a difference some damn good customer service makes!  Firstly, I need to say this is not a sponsored post.  Its a post about a company that have got their social media and customer service just so right!  People are always so quick to complain, but not so ready to compliment.

My sister is emigrating to Australia and so I planned a night out, dinner and then drinks and dancing.  I had been to Strada once before and remembered the food being great and it having a fab atmosphere so went to check out their website.  I found I could book online which was so easy and so booked for the 6 of us.

It was followed up that evening with a confirmation email and the next day by a phone call.  I tweeted to say “Booking a table at @stradatweet in Sheffield for my sister’s “I’m emigrating to Oz” meal – they need to ready themselves for weeping ladies!” – they tweeted back saying “Hope you ladies enjoy yourselves! When are you visiting us?” I let them know the date and they replied “We’ll look after you :-)”

How lovely! I thought.  A company that knows how to use twitter to make their customers feel good.

A few days later I emailed them to ask if I dropped off a few balloons and banners, would it be possible for them to decorate the table for me?  8 minutes later I had a reply from the manager saying it was no problem and they were looking forward to seeing us.

Good work Strada!

So on Saturday we turned up and were met by the manager, he led us to the table which had been decorated for us and we were met with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco and Limoncello shots.

I wanted to blog about a company that from start to finish had just outstanding customer service, who went above and beyond, made us feel special and made a good night amazing.

The food was fantastic.  We shared a selection of breads and oils, olives and a caprese salad for a starter.  I had the special which was a whole roasted Sea Bream that was just heavenly.  Everyone cleared their plates and commented on just how good it all tasted.  Our waitress was lovely and happy to talk through the menu and recommend wines to go with our meal.

I tweeted Strada this morning to say what a great night we had had and received this reply – “Hope your sister had a great farewell party…”

All in all it was just a great night out.  I would highly recommend it for a lovely Italian night out.  You can find Strada in Leopold Square, Sheffield.

It was good to see a national company that knows how to give good, personal customer service.  Other restaurants should take note of Strada and realise that a couple of 140 character messages go a long, long way!

Love Sam xx

Peculiar, weird and amazing statues from around the world

A collection of some of the most bizarre and amazing statues from around the world…

This upside down statue of Charles La Trobe is in the grounds of La Trobe University, Melbourne by artist Charles Robb.

This cow is situated in Budapest downtown on Vorosmarty by artist Ku Bom Ju.

The giant thumb statue in Paris is called “Le Pouce de Cesar” and is 12 meters high and 4 meters wide. You can find it in Paris in La Defense by César Baldaccini.

This Corporate Head sculpture was a collaboration between artist Terry Allen and poet Philip Levine. Situated in downtown L.A outside the Ernst and Young building.
The hanging rhino can be found in Potsdam, Brandenburg in Germany by artist Stefano Bombardieri.
De Vaartkapoen by Belgian artist Tom Frantzen is a statue of a policeman being tripped by a man hiding in a sewer manhole. Created in 1985, the statue is located in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium.
Damien Hirst’s The Virgin Mother in Manhattan.
These two bronze statues in Stockholm, Sweden were created by artist David Cerny.  If you send an SMS to a certain number, they will “write” your text by peeing the letters in the water… Brilliant!
This bizarro statue is in Frogner Park in Oslo.  It depicts a man fighting off babies…
Love Sam xx

Kuching – Cat City – the most peculiar cat statues ever…


Think you love cats?  No matter how crazy cat lady you are, it’s nothing compared to the folk in Kuching, Malaysia, also known as Cat City.

Kuching means ‘cat’ in Malay so it kind of makes sense… Well kind of.


I LOVE these, its like a menopausal woman got to design the city’s public artwork.







The city also has its very own Cat Museum – totally cute in a really creepy way.






Love Sam xx