Fat and Proud…

I discovered something this week.  Im plus size, yup Im fat… No I haven’t suddenly gained a load of weight, I just realised that it is how other people see me. I was a skinny kid, my grandfather used to call me a skeleton with a fringe.  I was a skinny teenager, I used to be […]

Do you dare to go bare?

I keep seeing articles about “brave” celebrities being seen out and about without any make up on.  Is this what being brave means as a woman? Is it vanity or just what is expected of celebs these days? I know a lot of women who would not dream of leaving the house without makeup, they […]

Vulva Love Lovely

I came across these Vulva necklaces by Vulva Love Lovely.  Made to celebrate your own beauty, they are original sculpted vulvas made from photographs of your own vulva… Ill be honest, I had a little snigger.  Then I read about why the artist makes them, how she felt about her own sexuality and genitals, and […]